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  1. Representative from Florida,
    Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
  2. Florida State Senator,
    Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
  3. State Representative,
    Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez
  4. State Transportation Secretary,
    Secretary Jim Boxold


For half a century, Calle Ocho (SW 8th Street) has served as an eastbound speedway for commuters, along with the equally dangerous one-way, three-lane, westbound SW 7thStreet.

Originally a 2-way typical American main street, Calle 8 between SW 27 & Brickell avenues was transformed in the late 60s into the unsafe “Highway Ocho” we know today.

With FDOT studying the corridor this year, the time is right to convert Calle 8 back into the quaint main commercial core of Little Havana. This will reverse 50 years of highway conditions that have disenfranchised neighborhoods and caused commercial blight.

A broad base of stakeholders has united to urge elected officials, government agencies — and the transportation engineers that serve them – to be innovative. We challenge them to create a 21st century Calle Ocho with comfortable wide sidewalks, additional safe crosswalks and dedicated bike and transit lanes — in a vibrant urban setting.

Simply stated, when FDOT’s study is completed by mid-2018, we want MYCALLE8.

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Secretary Gus Pego, Florida Department of Transportation, District 6

I want a better future for Little Havana’s Main Street.
I don’t want 3 lanes of one-way, dangerous traffic on SW 8th & SW 7th streets.

I want FDOT’s pending study of the area to restore 2-way traffic and create complete streets with:

  • Wider sidewalks, and the retention of all on-street parking.
  • Calmed traffic and safer pedestrian crosswalks.
  • Enhanced public transit, transit stops and bicycle lanes.
  • Equal priority for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and commuters.

Little Havana is one of the most important cultural destinations in South Florida. I urge you to rebuild the Calle 8 corridor for people, not just cars.


[Your name]


Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) Advocates for Calle8’s historic character news

Through a letter of support addressed to the FDOT, Dade Heritage Trust (DHT), Miami-Dade’s leading historic preservation organization appealed for the return to the original 2-way historic layout of Calle8 in support of its designation by the State of Florida as a historic roadway, and its relation to the City of Miami’s designated portion of little Havana as a local historic resource. [LETTER]

MyCalle8 gains momentum during Viernes Culturales news

Hundreds of people attending Viernes Culturales on Feb. 26 stopped by the MyCalle8 booth to review visions of a safer, more walkable Calle Ocho Corridor. Many signed the petition urging FDOT to design for people, not just vehicle capacity. Thanks to Pati Vargas, Director of Viernes Culturales/Cultural Fridays, Inc., for supporting our effort and committing to grow our advocacy by reaching out in the Little Havana community with more petitions for signatures. Thanks also to Carlos Fausto Miranda for helping to spread the vision of

Miami’s two-term Mayor Manny Diaz endorses complete streets for Calle Ocho Corridor news

Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, who served as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, wrote a letter strongly urging FDOT to redesign the Calle Ocho corridor as a Complete Street.  The former IOP Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard wrote that complete streets promote clean air, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote safe, convenient alternatives to driving.  Diaz spearheaded Miami 21, the first citywide Form-Based Code adopted by a major city, and led the City of Miami to adopting a Complete Streets program in 2009. [letter]

Join us to rally for a safer, more vibrant, more livable Calle Ocho Corridor events


Stakeholders and volunteers will be on hand at 6:30 p.m. Friday February 26 to gather support for a MyCalle8.  During the Viernes Culturales/Cultural Friday’s event in the heart of Little Havana, we will have a booth on Calle8 at 15th Avenue – in Domino Plaza. The growing complete streets advocacy to tame dangerous Highway Ocho will be gathering petition signatures and building a stronger coalition to empower FDOT to design for humans as well as cars.

City Commissioner Suarez – for a Better Calle 8 news

City of Miami Commissioner Francis Suarez (District 4) urges FDOT to apply the concept of Complete Streets to Calle 8 and requests the connection of Little Havana’s businesses with residents and visitors in an enjoyable environment , while significantly improving the quality of life for all who frequent the area.  [LETTER]

County Commissioner Xavier Suarez Petitions FDOT for Complete Streets news

Commissioner Suarez urges Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to strongly consider complete streets for Miami’s Calle Ocho corridor when the PD&E study of SW 8th and SW 7th streets between SW 27 and Brickell Avenues commences early this year. [LETTER]

MyCalle8 Petition Launches events

My Calle 8 launches an online petition to give the community a voice in the lengthy PD&E process. Petition signatures will be sent directly to FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego, Miami Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, State Representative Jose Javier Rodriguez, State Senator Miguel Diaz de la Portilla and FDOT state secretary Jim Boxold.

FDOT District 6 selects Consultant news

FDOT District 6 selects HNTB, a global engineering firm in business more than a century, to study Calle 8. In early 2016, the HNTB team will perform a Project Development & Environment (PD&E) study of SW 7th & 8th streets between SW 27 & Brickell avenues.

Mayor petitions State’s FDOT Secretary news

Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, who budget $1 million for Calle Ocho streetscape and sidewalk improvements, writes letter to FDOT state Secretary Jim Boxold – urging a redesign of Calle 8 as a complete street with calmed traffic and a better pedestrian environment. [LETTER]

myCalle8 Forum events

More than 100 Little Havana stakeholders crowd into a Calle Ocho gallery space to share a vision for a better Calle 8 corridor. The diversity of speakers and stakeholders was covered by Univsion TV, which made the forum its lead news story.

Pro-bono effort started news

A pro-bono effort is launched to advocate for better a pedestrian experience/calmed traffic on SW 7th and SW 8th Streets in Little Havana. TV, radio, print and online media is captivated by the concept of complete streets for My Calle 8.


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  • Corinna Moebius

    When Calle Ocho was transformed from a 2-way into a 1-way street, the goal was to move bodies in vehicles as fast as possible from the suburbs to downtown. It is perhaps no surprise that this has led to the highest level of pedestrian deaths in Miami taking place on this corridor and on Flagler Street, a portion of which was also turned into a 1-way speedway for motorists. For far too long, Florida has maintained outdated transportation planning methodologies and processes that have resulted in the state as a whole having one of the absolute worst records of pedestrian fatalities in the nation. We residents of Little Havana demand better. We demand streets that are designed for people, including the residents OF Little Havana. We demand streets that foster a Main Street feel instead of treating our residents (and many tourists) as if we were bowling pins standing in a lane. This is unjust and unacceptable. As taxpayers we demand accountability and more sensible Complete Streets planning that involves LISTENING to the concerns of community stakeholders and true COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT in the early stages of transportation and planning processes.

  • Steve Wright

    I moved to Miami to be part of the heritage of Little Havana. My household supports dozens of businesses on Calle 8. But its present conditions — tilted 100% in favor of speeding cars — make it totally unsafe for my wheelchair-using wife to cross. The time has come to humanize the heart of Calle 8.

  • Anneliese Morales

    The current FDOT plan is completely unacceptable! Specifically, the lighting system and the signage. We can’t wait 2 years to put more crosswalks, either! More people will get hurt, and we also need this Phase of the project to take the needs of our community into further consideration, particularly for small business owners! The “My Calle 8” Design DOES this!

  • Max Jaramillo

    Never, ever, trust the FDOT to do anything for the benefit of the people through whose communities their stroads and speedways are built. They talk “complete streets” but they are always token gestures.

  • Arthur Porosoff

    I was at an art walk recently, in the sensational Main Street district of Little Havana. I witness a startling event, when a car sideswiped an elderly lady. There was no indication that the driver could have seen the lady based on the crosswalk and proper lighting. I hope that this once magnificent cultural street called Main Street will once again be able to offer the people of Miami a place to congregate unite and socialize in its historic setting.

  • Madelaine Hevia

    Please help this go through and happen for all Miami residents and visitors.

  • Carlos Trujillo

    It’s just not safe for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

  • Mai

    Ciudad cosmopolita, artística, turística, playera, deportiva, social, innovadora, incluyente y por supuesto…bikefriendly. por la salud, mental y fisica, por, por la seguridad de ciudadanos y turistas, por el medio ambiente y la ecología .

  • Darriell Givens

    I think this will be a big start to making Miami a more cyclist friendly city.

  • Michelle Niemeyer

    I just wish this petition was entitled, “FDOT, get your highways out of all of our Miami neighborhoods!” Brickell, Main Highway in Coconut Grove, Biscayne Blvd, Calle Ocho, Flagler Street, Coral Way, Bird Road. Rampant suburban growth has not been matched with consideration of commuters’ needs for transportation options. Let’s hope this improves on a much broader scale, but I’m happy to start by showing my support here.

  • Yisel Diaz

    I strongly believe this is a great idea for Miami, we are so connected to our cars, we are almost turning into machines. We need to socialize, interact, connect, and remember we are all human beings. It will also bring back a sense of community and culture and it will favor the economy as well.

  • Vivian Rosado

    I think it will fundamentally change the neighborhood for the better.

  • Juan Valdez

    I look forward to those afternoons during season that my family and I can walk the street and enjoy the roadway to get there! This is a much needed overhaul for this area and hopefully will inspire the same improvements throughout the city!

  • Nelson Gomez

    Make Calle 8 what it was before!

  • selva menendez

    Please make calle 8 pedestrian friendly and a historical neighborhood like it has been for many years, keep the memories alive. Thank you.

  • selva menendez

    Please la calle 8 is an historical neighborhood for many years, keep the memories alive. Thank you.

  • M. Diez

    Please bring back pedestrian access, safe, wide side walks for walking, baby carriages, socializing, as was the original design of all cities. Trolleys for mobility and park and ride parking areas far removed from Calle 8.
    The “bones” are already there, the Tower Theater, Ball and Chain are just the beginning. Peel back the cars and bring back the laid back ambiance and way of LIFE. Thank you!

  • linn ahsberg

    Amazing idea, we need this!

  • Dr. Raphael Perez-Blanco

    Coral Gables with Miracle Mile and Hialeah with Downtown Hialeah has been successful at this, why can’t we?

  • art-berloga

    It’d pave the way for the revival of streets with historical and cultural significance like Calle Ocho.

  • Santiago

    Es mejor para la cuidad . Para el medio ambiente y para el turismo

  • Louis Martos

    I support this initatite 110%. Anything assitance with implement action count me in. Keep up the great work!

    Best regards,


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